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In Tax practice, our firm is committed to addressing risks and identifying opportunities, assisting in the determination of a company’s eligibility for availing of concessions and investment incentives granted under Philippine law, helping companies in choosing a tax effective structure for its business and planning the company’s inbound investment and market entry strategy in the Philippines. The firm’s expertise has been relied upon by clients in the construction and implementation of an integrated tax plan either for the business organization as a whole, for a specific business activity, for strategic transactions or for estate planning.

We firmly believe in the importance of preventing the necessity of taking drastic measures to cure a liability. Hence, we are able to assist in the minutest detail of the day to day tax management of our clients such that they are able to remain compliant and avoid unnecessary tax exposure arising from their operations.

Our firm has extensive experience in tax issues ranging from disputes in assessment, advice on corporate tax governance and applications for relief from Philippine taxation on the basis of existing tax treaties. We take pride in our knowledge of the latest developments in tax laws, rules and regulations, as well as opinions issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue and are able to give timely, competent and relevant advice to our clients.

We are also active in tax litigation and have successfully pursued many cases of illegal assessments levied upon our clients in the courts.